Valeant Stock Price Gets A Boost

Valeant stock price gets a boost.

Valeant stock price gets a boost after an upgrade from TD Securities. They raised VRX’s price target from $20.00 to $27.00, while keeping their buy rating for the stock.

Often bashed for the past several years, Valeant stock price today seems to be stabilizing. More and more analysts are realizing that since Joseph Papa took over, VRX has focused on becoming a very different company than once prior. So much scrutiny was focused on poor managerial decisions from the past. While it has been a slow process, Valeant Pharmaceuticals seems to be out of their horrific situation.

One of the most recent worries was that VRX would eventually go out of business due to their huge debt. While the company gathered a lot of assets, analysts predicted that Mr. Papa would have to sell them at a discount just to stay afloat. Amazingly enough, VRX has been able to sell fewer of these valuable goods at a higher cost than expected.

Another reason for a boost in price is the disinterest of shorts. They have made a boatload of money since 2015. Recent shorts, though, were too late for the ride. Consistent bullish news from VRX have raised hopes for a meaningful turnaround. The volume suggests that the Valeant stock price surge is for real.

The stock market is not pricing the meaningful pipeline sales that VRX will have during this year and beyond. Having recently announced the approval and distribution of Vyzulta, Valeant looks to becoming a giant it once was.


I have no position in the company, but I am looking at some VRX calls for the future.

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