The Stock Market Info Pick Of 2018

The stock market info pick of 2018.

I will begin a new tradition on this website. Every year, there will be a stock chosen that will be a good choice for either investors or traders. The Stock Market Info was created to better explain the current, past, and future market events. The recommendations made here are for various levels of investors or traders. Because the stock market fluctuates and never moves in one direction, it is important to be completely cool when your stock goes up or down. While your initial reaction will be to stress out when your stock goes down, remember that if you had confidence to purchase a stock, why not be happy to get in at a discount? On the other side of the trade, if your stock is going up, do not be greedy, otherwise you will miss out on a perfectly healthy profit. Always remember, if you made more money than a savings account at a bank, then you made a good profit. What ifs do not count here. Only the reality of perspectives does. Never invest more than you can lose and never purchase stocks that are without merit. This stock trading information will help you learn about a great potential money maker.

The Stock Market Info pick of 2018 is is a Chinese e-commerce company. Founded by Liu Quiangdong in 1998, this company is headquartered in Beijing, China. shares are listed on the Nasdaq as simply JD. JD has formed close partnership with huge companies like Tencent, Baidu, and Wal-Mart.

Tencent Holdings Limited is a Chinese technology and investment holding. Baidu, Inc. is a Chinese web services company often referred as the Chinese Google. Wal-Mart is an American multinational retail corporation. These stock trading companies are good partners to have.

All of these companies mentioned above are Alibaba’s (BABA) rivals. Having several strong ties with companies on JD’s side will help them in the long run to grow in domestic as well as international markets.

There is another reason why having strong alliances with big companies bodes very well for someone like JD. While BABA is the big whig flexing their muscles, JD is getting help through various means. The online stock trader has to see that as well. Alibaba is having a tough time finding many partners now. Why would anyone help a company this big for it only to eat them up later? In the end, partnerships will eat at BABA’s profits one day.

JD has made about $50 billion in revenue over the past twelve months. That is some important stock trading information. benefits from the upward income of the Chinese middle-class. The online stock trader will see this as a huge catalyst moving forward. China’s income growth creates more room for JD to grow.

Another reason for such a huge amount of revenue is their ability to be known for never selling counterfeit goods. Vendors are more interested in doing business with such a company. That is a huge difference between BABA and JD. Most people forget that BABA is a middleman, somewhat of an eBay. It is way tougher to regulate who sells what on such a platform. JD is more akin to Amazon, building a robust infrastructure. But, unlike Amazon in its early days, JD posted its first profit way sooner. Can you imagine buying Amazon stock during their infancy?

JD is a rare opportunity in the stock market. Their growth path is clear. Alliances with gigantic companies paves way to a brighter future. Investing or trading in this stock will be fruitful in the near and distant time frame. Read my prior article, The Online Stock Ticker JD Gets A Buy Rating, for more recent information.


I am long Jan 2020 calls (Strike Price $50.00). I believe this stock will be at a range of $50.00-$100.00 by the end of 2018.


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