The Current Price of Apple

The Current Price of Apple

The current price of Apple.

The current price of Apple after market close on September 21st is 153.39, down 2.68 or 1.72%. Exactly three weeks ago, Apple closed at 164.05. There have been several reasons investors bailed too quickly in my opinion.

1. Apple Watch 3 – While the idea of having an Apple Watch 3 work on LTE is indeed exciting, being able to flawlessly create this platform without a glitch is near to impossible. The main attractive idea for this watch was to be able to make phone calls directly from your wrist. Quite a cool, They Live, concept. Apple botched this up, and the market did not take this well. Mishaps will happen but when the competition is fierce there cannot be such mistakes. Apple is working on the problem. Once everything gets back to normal, investors will receive an upgrade by an analyst. This will make the current price of Apple seem like a discount.

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2. iPhone X – The main problem for most analysts about the iPhone X is their price. Pricing their model at $999 is absurd to many. Not a lot of people will shell out this kind of money for a phone. The thing that analysts do not understand is this phone targets a more affluent clientele. The iPhone X is a luxury item, reminding me when they created their first Apple Watch. It will have an edgeless display without a home button. A delayed launch in not shocking, because Apple has to go big for their anniversary. Once this happens, the current price of Apple will definitely rise.

3. The Stock Got Too Expensive – After churning out gains of almost 40% in 2017, Apple’s stock price was bound for a reprieve. Anyone trading this stock would be potentially losing some money by staying. News stories love to employ scare tactics for regular investors to sell. In my article, You Should Invest In The Stock Market, Part 1, I like to advise people to buy stocks that you know will not go away soon. Every drop, in my opinion, is a sure way to get richer in the long run with companies like Apple.

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