Less Manufactured iPhone X Units

Less Manufactured iPhone X Units

Less manufactured iPhone X units.

Some news might not be as important as when the Apple iPhone next release will be, but the tech giant had something to announce today. Apple will manufacture around 8 Million iPhone X units in Q2. Less manufactured iPhone X units is not a good thing for the company.

Is it possible that Apple understood that a thousand dollar smartphone is a bit expensive? Such a premium phone will not get a strong positive reaction from people that have a budget for a non-necessity.

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It was Apple’s first redesign of their already popular iPhone series in three years. Creating many new features did not excite consumers, as the mobile market seems to continually decline no matter the changes done. The innovation, in this space, is still lacking, while the prices seem to be going higher.

Apple will announce their Q2 earnings results on Tuesday. While the phone sales number will put a damper on the stock price, the company’s ability to be in multiple spaces will offset these obvious hurdles.

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