Facebook Stock Info – Receives Upgrade

Facebook stock info – receives upgrade.

There is some Facebook stock info to report: MKM Partners analyst Rob Sanderson raised his target price to $240, becoming the most bullish analyst about the social media giant. Should people invest in FB stock on this news?

Mr. Sanderson said: “We think this is an attractive set up.” It might well indeed be such a case. An analyst’s upgrade or downgrade should never warrant investors to purchase something without doing some Facebook stock info research in this case.

Here are some facts beyond the upgrade: Facebook posted its quarterly earnings on Wednesday, November 1st. They reported $1.59 earnings per share, topping analysts’ expectations of $1.28. The business made $10.33 billion, while most expectations were $9.84 billion. Strong numbers indeed.

What could be portrayed as a bit unnerving is the fact that when FB dips, the stock goes down a lot. For instance, yesterday’s sell-off was broad based in the Tech sector. Facebook went down $6. On September 25th, the stock went down almost $7. These are huge stock corrections. One could potentially invest in FB stock due to a drop like yesterday. From that September 25th meltdown, FB stock went up $20 in over two months. Not bad at all.

As I wrote about AAPL, Facebook is a strong stock to hold for a long while. I just do not think this is exactly the right time to buy yet.

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