Could Amazon Ads Be In Their Future?

Could Amazon Ads Be In Their Future?

Could Amazon ads be in their future?

There is a rumor going around that Amazon stopped buying high-revenue shopping ads from Google. What we do know is that Amazon started to bid on these kind of ads in 2016. So here goes a question that is needed to be asked: Could we see Amazon ads be in the near future?

While potentially leaving the Google ads market, one must figure that Amazon is working on its own digital ad offerings. Amazon does have a similar sponsored product ads on its site. Though, retailers and e-commerce businesses pay a nice sum of money for their Google ads to help sell their products.

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After Amazon reported their earnings, Amazon After Hours Trading Up, you can imagine with their sales number for the quarter, which was $51 billion, that they will have enough firepower to create their own ad system. Alphabet better watch out, otherwise ex-Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s worry about Amazon being their strongest competitor will turn out to be true.

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