Bad News For Intel Stock Today

Bad News For Intel Stock Today

Bad news for Intel stock today.

Continuing yesterday’s pain, there seems to be more bad news for Intel stock today. Fresh from The Register’s report of vulnerability within Intel chips, news has surfaced that Intel Corporation Chief Executive Brian Krzanich made $25 million dollars by selling his shares in late November.

On most occasions, selling shares in a company is a “normal” procedure during the holiday season. But in this case, Intel received information about their woes in its semiconductors before they became publicly disclosed. INTC futures are down over 2% on this news.

After reporting about Intel’s issues yesterday in my article AMD pre market outlook is good, today’s news sounds eerily similar to executives at Equifax Inc. They also sold shares just before the massive breach was publicly known. Thank goodness for the SEC filings. This bit of information can be very helpful for investors.

The “Meltdown” bug is a serious issue. Hackers could potentially access passwords, photos, and other files. The company issued a statement that the problems “do not have the potential to corrupt, modify or delete data.” Having someone sell his shares before they become public does not bode well in the trust department.

Intel stock today could get some more pounding. Though, I would not want to trade based on INTC futures. Some news could miraculously change the current trend.

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