Apple Stock Trading Lower

Apple stock trading lower.

I enjoy seeing Apple stock trading lower. Every time, like clockwork, I write an article on the reasons why the Apple market share is down. I share my thoughts on why this stock is being manipulated, and why Apple will go higher than before. This given situation reminds me exactly how I felt when I wrote The Current Price of Apple on September 21st.

In that article, I gave three reasons why investors were mispricing Apple stock: 1. Apple Watch 3, 2. iPhone X, and 3. The Stock Price Got Too Expensive. All their reasoning was blasphemy. Because of the analysts’ misinformation, the Apple stock trading at $164 went to $150 in a matter of weeks. After my article, written when the stock was $153.39, Apple market share went up to $177.20 in less than 2 months. This moment in time could be a similar situation.

Apple market share was down around $5.00 on December 26th based on a confusing report released by a Taiwanese newspaper. Various analyst’s are now predicting that the iPhone X demand will be weaker than expected. How lovely. How convenient it is to make this predication at the moment when volume will be lower due to the holidays. Why not make the Apple stock share price go down quickly and seemingly viciously during the process? These kinds of tactics are done to make uninformed investors sell one of the strongest companies ever.

Anytime an investor hears worries and anger within the stock market community, know that these theatrics are done to scare you. Perhaps, it might be a good time to buy. Maybe, one could wait as well. It is the individual’s prerogative to be informed and understand the various methods done by the informed. Apple is not going away as a company. While the timing might not be always crystal clear, those companies that survive horrific situations will always be victorious later.

The next reasoning for Apple stock share price going down is their battery issue. While yes, having battery issues is a bad thing for users, this company always knows when it is time to refocus.

When you read articles where words like “defrauded” are used about Apple, these “news” sources use scary terms to make you, the investor, associate a company negative connotations. This will automatically help you either not invest at all or sell the shares you do have for cheap. Always keep an eye on these kinds of wordings.

In my opinion, this hatchet job only confirms my beliefs that this stock is destined to go way higher soon. Plus, the holiday season will give a definite boost to their sales. Whatever you do, get informed and analyze everything that you read. Otherwise, you might miss out.

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